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Swiss CNC Turning Services Optimized for Small, Precision Parts and Micromachining

Swiss turning is an advanced CNC machining process that is ideal for performing micromachining services. Compared to conventional CNC lathes, Swiss lathes are much more optimized for the manufacturing of small parts and miniature components with precision tolerances.

This advantage is due to the unique workholder configuration of Swiss machines, which holds the workpiece more rigidly. A more rigidly-held workpiece minimizes tool deflection and thus manufacturing errors, which are commonplace when attempting to machine extremely small components.

The General Advantages of Swiss Turning for Miniature Parts and Micromachining:

High Precision for Small PartsSwiss turning is known for its exceptional precision and tight tolerances, making it ideal for small parts where accuracy is crucial. The process minimizes vibrations and deflections, resulting in highly accurate components.

Small Diameter Capability – Swiss machines are designed to work with extremely small diameters and close tolerances, often measured in the range of micrometers. The capability to reliably work with tiny components makes Swiss lathes better-suited for producing miniature components – from complex aerospace parts to small parts for the energy sector.

Complex Geometries – Swiss machines can handle intricate and complex part geometries, including features like cross-drilling, cross-milling, and multiple tool operations. This versatility is essential for many small and intricate components.

More Consistent Quality – The Swiss machining process is highly flexible and automated, minimizing the potential for human error and ensuring consistent quality for each component produced. Absolute consistency is especially crucial for micromachining applications in which any slight variance in tolerances can lead to part incompatibility or performance issues.

Our Swiss Micromachining Services for Small Parts and Miniature Components:

  • Our Swiss lathes can reliably produce many complex components in a single machining cycle, reducing the risk for manufacturing errors that result from changeover and multiple setups.

  • We offer ample experience in Swiss turning services for machining small and miniature parts measuring under Ø1.496” x 2” in length and below.

  • Our Swiss machining solutions sare especially well-suited for machining long and thin cylindrical parts due to the sliding headstock and guide bushing which minimize deflection as the tool travels further down the length of the part.

Swiss Turning Services and Superior CNC Machining Solutions Since 1995

Backed by more than 25 years of quality American CNC machining services, our company knows what it takes to remain at the forefront of today’s highly competitive market. With over 100+ CNC workcenters at our disposal including advanced Swiss turning centers, Superior Machining & Fabrication is one of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art CNC machining service providers for the Muenster, Texas region and beyond.