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Contract Manufacturing

Superior provides LTA (Long Term Agreement) and other contract machining and manufacturing services through strong demand management and execution of best practices. We invite you to explore these comprehensive services below and discover how Superior can meet all of your contract machining and manufacturing needs:

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The Superior Approach to Contract Machining and Manufacturing

Our Exact JobBoss ERP/MRP software not only manages our production scheduling, pull systems, and forecasting. This allows us to efficiently plan our production and offer reduced lead times, which helps our customers keep their projects on schedule. Our efficient production scheduling helps us to maintain an on-time delivery rate of 95 to 100 percent, receiving many customer awards for service and quality.

Emergent Support for Contract Machining and Manufacturing Projects

Superior has several rapid reaction production cells always with excess capacity to service time-critical orders. Superior’s facility contains a variety of 4-axis and 5-axis CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers, in addition to 5-axis, multi-tasking CNC turning lathes in several production cells.

The team can provide rapid manufacture of emergent components quickly, without interrupting our normal contract manufacturing production schedule. We also source materials, manage finishing processes, and provide kitting or assembly when needed. The efficiencies we gain through managing the supply chain help save time and reduce overall costs and time in production.

Inspections for Contract Machining and Manufacturing Orders

When you need high-quality machining components that meet the AS9100 and ISO9001 standards, you can rely on Superior to produce the tight tolerance parts you require.

We have a temperature environmentally controlled quality room that comprises multiple automated CNC CMMs (Coordinate Measurement Machines), a vision system, optical comparators, and manual bench style contact gauges are among our dimensional verification tools.

All of the inspection equipment is contained in a climate-controlled lab calibrated to NIST traceable standard, according to our ISO 9001- and AS9100-certified quality management program. Superior records and reports data electronically, making these tools invaluable for first article inspection reporting, such as AS9102 FAIR requirements, and continual in-process inspection procedures.