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Manufacturing and Turning Parts

One of the first pieces of equipment that Superior Machining invested in was a lathe. As a result, turning parts has always been an integral part of our manufacturing business. After years of turning parts for a wide variety of customers and manufacturing components for diverse industries, our skills have been honed to perfection. Discover what time-tested expertise can do for you and partner with Superior Machining for your next turning project.

Our lathe turning side of business is fully equipped with machinery that will streamline the manufacturing process. Most notably, our facility maintains a large selection of bar feeder equipment, as well as over 25 lathes. These turning machines allow our team to load bars during the turning process. As a result, the process of turning metal parts becomes an almost entirely automated process.

Not only does this automation feature allow Superior Machining to complete and deliver orders more quickly, but by reducing the amount of labor that each project entails, our turning equipment effectively saves our customers money as well.

Swiss Turned Components

With our lathe capabilities, we have increased our production output capacity, completing dynamic projects, for instance one order was for 300,000 pieces. Each turned metal parts project will require unique sizing requirements, but Superior Machining often works with turned components that measure under Ø1.496” x 2” in length and below.

Large Turned Components

Superior Machining has multiple large-turn capacity lathes with diameters up to 30” and lengths up to 80”. Several of our lathes have milling capability. This capacity allows Superior to machine a wide variety of parts.