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Precision Fabrication for the Oil, Gas, and Renewable Energy Sectors

Today’s customers throughout the energy industry often come to Superior with the phrase “more efficient.” As the energy industry evolves, new higher-efficiency / lower-cost prototypes push manufacturers to be innovative with their production techniques and CNC machining methodology. Superior rises to that challenge, providing highly efficient and sustainable precision fabrication services for the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors.

Full-Service CNC Machining and Fabrication for Precision Industrial Parts

Superior has vast experience in CNC turning and CNC milling the critical shafts, sleeves, and other parts for oil and gas exploration. Our company is a full-service contract manufacturer backed by experience in a wide range of industrial part categories.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing for Energy Sector

Today’s energy sector demands the utmost in reliability. Uptime is critical, and any unanticipated part failures can wreak havoc on your entire operation. That’s why it’s important to partner with a contract manufacturer that can deliver your critical energy components not only on time, but just-in-time. With Superior, our just-in-time contract manufacturing services provide you with the crucial products you need while achieving minimum turnaround time and maximum responsiveness.

Quality Contract Manufacturing Services for the Energy Industry Since 1995

With more than 25 years of machining experience and 100+ CNC machining work centers integrated within a 100,000-sq. ft. facility, Superior is one of the largest and most comprehensive contract manufacturers for today’s energy industry and beyond.