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Multi-Axis CNC Machining

Multi-axis machining is just one of the many services that Superior Machining & Fabrication uses to meet our customers’ needs. With a fully functional multi-axis machining side of our business, making our operation an excellent resource for customers who require multiple operations to be run at the same time. Explore the many benefits associated with multi- axis CNC machining below:

Benefits of 5-Axis CNC Machining Services


As a streamlined process, multi-axis CNC machining eliminates the risk of error that occurs when transporting parts across a facility or even between multiple machining operations. Because work pieces are not moved through several workstations, but rather can be completed on the 5-axis machine alone, finishing components can be machined with greater accuracy.

Cost Effectiveness

Because the multi-axis CNC machining approach requires less fixture preparation, this type of service involves less manual labor and streamlines production processes. As a result, multi-axis machining saves both time and money for our customers.

Increased Productivity

Multi-axis CNC machining simply requires a single setup for machining complex shapes—increasing productivity as a result. Additionally, this machining service can use shorter cutting tools—producing higher cutting speeds and less tool vibrations for higher precision.

Cost Control for Machining Projects

Cost control is one of Superior’s driving forces in producing precision parts. To ensure our customers get added value from their CNC parts program, we focus on making our machining services as efficient as possible.

We use Lean Manufacturing practices, including 5-S Workplace Organization, Cellular Manufacturing, Quick Changeover, and more, to help us identify and eliminate waste. This helps keep our costs competitive and helps us constantly improve our existing processes, while also building optimal flow into our processes from the beginning.