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Commercial and Aerospace

When you need aerospace components for a defense or aviation project, finding the right aerospace supplier is essential. Whether you require an FAI (First Article Inspection) for a prototype satellite component or a LTA (Long Term Agreement) for production parts on an aircraft, Superior Machining & Fabrication has the resources and skills needed to deliver your CNC parts on-time at competitive prices.

One of our core competencies is thin-walled machining of complex aerostructures. Our experienced machinists are familiar with a wide variety of materials, from Aluminum to Titanium and exotic alloys.

To ensure our customers get their aerospace parts on time, Superior uses Lean production practices and modern technology. Our Exact JobBoss ERP/MRP software not only manages our production scheduling, pull systems, kanban, and forecasting. The efficiencies gained by our management of the supply chain, reduce lead times, and reduce overall costs. We also have a rapid reaction production cell reserved for time-critical orders, FAIs, AOGs.

Defense and Military

When manufacturing components for defense projects, accuracy, process control and documentation are essential. At Superior, we have the experience, certifications, staff and equipment required to competitively produce critical aerospace parts on time.

We are an ITAR registered aerospace manufacturer and capable of producing USML controlled defense and military aircraft parts and providing material and lot traceability. To ensure we provide this precision, our facility is certified for both AS9100 D and ISO 9001:2015. We are also familiar and have experience with defense DX or DO materials and contracting requirements

We know that waiting for parts can quickly put a project behind schedule, which is why we are committed to meeting our customers’ timetables. We average a 95 percent or higher on time delivery rate.

With our program management service, we can provide complete components with all the finishing processes, kitting and assembly needed to make them ready for service. This shortens our customers supply chains, and helps save time on defense parts manufacturing.


In the energy industry, Superior often hears the phrase “more efficient.” As the energy industry evolves and expands, new higher-efficiency, lower-cost prototypes push manufacturers to be innovative with techniques and machining methodology.

Superior has vast experience in CNC turning and CNC milling the critical shafts, sleeves, and other parts for oil and gas exploration. Superior can also manufacture brakes, drive trains, gearboxes and more for the steam, mining, subsea, oil, and hydropower sectors.

Decades of machining experience can collaborate with engineers to design for manufacturability – a skill set commonly praised by customers. If it can be drawn, Superior can help manufacture a quality part, all while maintaining the strength and integrity of the original design.


Superior adds value not just as a Medical Machining supplier, but as a trusted partner in your product development

Medical contract manufacturing is a specialized industry that requires high quality medical device components produced in pristine machining facilities and engineered with precision. Superior is well-known for its high standards in medical machining and medical device components. Our customers know they can rely on and trust us to follow stringent industry standards of quality and cleanliness.

Superior’s plant is filled with cutting edge machining centers, efficient processes that allows us to deliver the most complex, extreme tolerances and superior surface finishes at unsurpassed quality levels.

Especially noted is our expertise in our ability to machine ultra-high precision parts to tolerances of +/-.0001” from common materials such as stainless steel and titanium or exotic materials such as precious metals, alloys and engineered plastics.

Superior also has a team of experienced engineers that stand ready to provide insight into Design for Manufacturability and Value Engineering. What this means to you is that your early-stage project still gets serviced during the cycles of regular manufacturing.

Superior Machining & Fabrication