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Combining Traditional Machining Expertise and Craftsmanship with Modern CNC Automation

Backed by nearly 30 years of highly diverse contract manufacturing experience, Superior Machining & Fabrication knows what it takes to compete in today’s high-tech machining industry. What began as a small Texas machine shop back in 1995 has grown into a 100,000 sq-ft facility with more than 100 cutting-edge CNC machines.

However, perhaps more important than Superior’s integration of new technology is the craftsmanship and expertise that our employees provide beyond the scenes…

CNC Machines Don’t Do All of the Work

The level of manufacturing experience Superior offers is invaluable for today’s complex CNC machining projects. It’s a common misconception that CNC machines do all of the hard work and completely automate the production process.

Many people mistakenly think that we simply load up the CAD/CAM program, load in the workpiece, push the “start” button, and out comes the finished part. In reality, modern CNC machining services demand just as much expertise and attention to detail as traditional machining methods. The tasks at hand have changed, but the overall process remains as complex and involved as ever.

The Craftsmanship Behind Our Custom CNC Machining Services:

Materials Science and Tool Selection

Our overall machining expertise begins with knowledge in materials science. Through real-world experience in the shop, our experts understand the physical/mechanical properties of various metals, how to best approach custom machining different alloys, and how to meet the specific material requirements of each unique machining project. This knowledge helps us select the right cutting tools and configure them for optimal performance and efficiency. It also helps us set the right machining parameters to ensure precision and repeatability.

Optimizing CNC Machining Parameters

Our experts have a deep understanding of cutting parameters such as speed, feed rate, and depth of cut. With extensive hands-on experience in metalworking, our machinists can fine-tune these parameters based on the material being machined, the geometry of the part, and other factors to achieve the desired surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and tool life relative to volume requirements.

Fixture Design

Our skilled machinists may design and fabricate custom fixtures and workholding devices tailored to the specific needs of your parts. Just like with traditional machining processes, custom fixturing ensures stable workpiece holding and precision during CNC machining operations, minimizing errors and improving overall quality.

Adaptability and Flexibility

While CNC machines offer automation and precision, they still require extensive human oversight and intervention. With decades of combined experience in general machining processes, our operators can adapt to unforeseen circumstances, make on-the-fly adjustments, and/or implement alternative strategies to overcome any production challenges that may arise.

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

Our experienced machinists are also well-versed in identifying and addressing equipment issues that may come up such as tool wear, chatter, or various types of workpiece deformation. Our practical problem-solving skills help our machinists make real-time adjustments to the machining process when necessary, keeping your project on track while generally minimizing scrap and rework.

Superior Quality Control

Our craftsmen are trained to meticulously inspect machined parts for dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and other quality criteria. Our attention to detail ensures that each custom machined component meets the required specifications and minimizes the likelihood of part defects or manufacturing errors. Furthermore, our robust quality control process is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 D standards, ensuring the most consistent and repeatable results possible.

Embracing the Latest Machining and Fabrication Technology Since 1995

With more than 25 years of quality American contract manufacturing experience under our belts, Superior Machining & Fabrication offers the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the success of your overall project. Our commitment to better quality and craftsmanship has helped our company evolve into one of the leading CNC machining service providers for the Muenster, Texas region and beyond.