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Superior Installs Three New CNC Machining Centers for Increased Capacity

Superior Machining & Fabrication has recently added three new state-of-the-art CNC machining systems to our suite of precision production technology.

Part of Okuma’s next-generation series of machines, our new GENOS M560V-5AX vertical machining center is our tenth 5-axis CNC, optimized for manufacturing complex products and intricate designs. Specifically, our new 5th axis offers increased capability relative to our Okuma M460 machine with an extra 10” of travel.

We’ve also installed Okuma’s MB-5000HII 4-axis and Makino’s A61NX horizontal machining centers. This brings our shop total up to 22 horizontal machines, adding to our extensive repertoire of 100+ CNC systems.

Altogether, these three machine investments provide Superior’s machining department with higher capacity while offering our customers better responsiveness for quick-turnaround orders.

Okuma M560V-AX 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center:

Our Okuma GENOS M560V-5AX features a fully automated 5-axis simultaneous control system and a high-power CAT40 BIG-PLUS 15,000 rpm spindle. The integrated dual-coil chip augers keep the workstation clean and clear, while an oversized trunnion provides increased rigidity and accuracy for your precision products.

Equipped with a high-speed 60-position automatic tool changer and capable of 1,575 IPM rapid traverse, the M560V-AX is engineered to maximize machining versatility and productivity. Okuma’s OSP control system provides even more efficiency with absolute position encoders that do not require a zero return, which further streamlines the machining process.


Makino a61nx 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center:

Part of Makino’s next-generation machine line, our new a61nx will help us take our machining accuracy and productivity to the next level. Capable of 1G axis acceleration, non-cut times are kept to a minimum. Meanwhile, the high-speed, high-power 14,000 rpm spindle delivers 240 Nm of torque to tackle virtually any material with precision.

The a61nx workstation features a 500mm pallet with an extremely robust casting design and large roller-type linear guides to increase rigidity. That means that we can use the entire work envelope effectively to accommodate a greater range of product sizes and designs.

Okuma MB-5000HII Horizontal Machining Center

Okuma’s MB-5000HII horizontal machine delivers high power, quick acceleration, and rapid tool changes, all helping to further maximize Superior’s machining speed and flexibility. Like our new Makino machine, the MB-5000HII features a 500mm pallet, in this case integrated with a .001 degree B-axis rotary table.

The automatic 48-tool changer helps us maintain higher efficiency, to maximize both flexibility and productivity, while the rapid traverse speed of 2362 IPM minimizes cycle times. Further increasing productivity is an ATC servo shutter instead of a conventional pneumatic door. This feature reduces the shutter open/close time and thus the motion delay time with every job. In other words – less waiting around, more precision machined parts delivered on time.

Integrating the Latest CNC Machining Technology Since 1995

Backed by more than 25 years of quality American manufacturing services, Superior knows what it takes to succeed in today’s highly specialized CNC machining projects. With over 100+ CNC workcenters at our disposal integrated within our 100,000 sq.-ft facility, we offer some of the most comprehensive contract manufacturing services available for the Muenster, Texas region and beyond.