Texas company plans expansion into aerospace

As part of its 20th anniversary, Superior Machining and Fabrication is planning an expansion project focused on growing its services in the aerospace industry.

The North Texas manufacturing company has outlined three distinct phases of the project with the final stage slated for completion within three to four years.

The initial phase has already begun and should be completed within the next three months. It includes a 10,000-square-foot expansion that will allow room for new equipment and large aerospace parts, and could lead to 10 to 15 new machines and 10 to 15 new jobs.

With an expected completion in 12 to 18 months, stage two will see the company expand its engineering and equipment capabilities, including larger “monolithic” AeroStructures.

As part of stage two, Superior has upgraded it quality systems software and advanced engineering CAD/CAM software. The company is also in the process of collecting specs and quotes for 5-axis CNC high-speed milling machines and developing additional workforce programs for the potential of another 20-plus jobs. [Read More…]